Since its inception in 2012 CD Fairfield has grown into one of the UK’s foremost debt resolution specialists.

Initially, company founders Phil Davison and Tom Cardwell came together to develop a solution to the negative Equity crisis in Northern Ireland, that was created by the collapse in property prices following the property boom. They both recognized that a suitable solution did not exist and set about creating one, under the trading style negativeequityni.com and later negativeequityuk.com.

CD Fairfield created a process that has led to over 1800 successful outcomes for negative equity clients across the whole of the UK, many of these clients being Landlords with multiple properties/portfolios. We have developed productive relationships with all the major lenders and have a network of estate agents covering the entirety of the UK.

CD Fairfield expanded into the personal debt market in 2019 under the trading style gethelpwithdebt.co.uk and have become one of the most innovative and fastest-growing practitioners in this sector. The recruitment of an experienced senior management team has facilitated this continuing growth. 

With plans in 2021 to further develop into the corporate and professional debt space, the CD Fairfield debt hybrid model looks sure to deliver continued growth for the company and more importantly successful outcomes for our clients.      

Every client receives a bespoke, personally tailored service and proposal that meet their specific needs and the criteria of their lender/creditors, we develop a solution to fit our client’s needs, we don’t make our clients fit into the easiest or most profitable solution.


CD Fairfield operates under the regulatory framework of both the FCA and CARB, this gives our clients the highest possible degree of protection and comfort. 


Phil and Tom