Still a young company, we’ve enjoyed success over the last few years that has exceeded even our lofty ambitions. But we’ll never get too big for our boots.

As a local company with a national footprint, we are a responsible employer, conscious of our corporate and social responsibilities, work ethically and with transparency.

  • We avoid risk-taking, preferring a thought out, strategic approach to build our business steadily and sustainably.

  • We are an ethical company, happy to pay our taxes to support and enable the society in which we live and work.

  • We look after our people, motivating them with good pay and benefits packages, and supporting their professional development wherever we can.

  • We support the communities in which we live and work with a particular focus on helping young people, sport and local charities.

Vision statement

To be excellent and ethical, to help where we can, and always deliver the outcomes our clients expect.

Mission Statement

To continue to develop our business in a way that sets an example to others, that is not operated purely by profit, that values its staff and its clients, and that works for the wider good.

Aims and Objectives.

  1. To be recognised within our sector for high level integrity, competency and professionalism.
  2. To always be accountable, to do what we say we will do, and to the very best of our abilities.
  3. To value client opinions and respond to them positively.
  4. To seek continual improvement as an organisation and as individuals.
  5. To have a workplace that is rewarding, supportive and enjoyable for all.
  6. To set aside a portion of our profits to support good causes.
  7. To always expect the best of ourselves.



Managing Director

Phil Davison

Phil worked in public housing and Homeless for 14 years before stepping into the Private sector. Initially Phil set up Aria residential a Belfast based letting and Estate Agency specializing in investment property before CO- Founding CD Fairfield with Tom in 2012.

Phil acted as a representative of Countrywide PLC in Northern Ireland in relation to their LPA receivership activity in the province, representing the interests of several of the major high street lenders. Phil is the Managing Director and oversees the day-to-day operation of the company and has a passion for Digital Marketing.