As part of the landlord debt advisory week at Property Tribes (the leading independent site for landlords in the UK) one of the founders, Tom Cardwell discussed the topic of ‘Overseas Property Debt Issues’.

As a landlord himself he understands that there can often be at least one problem property in anyone’s portfolio.  Landlord Debt Advisory (part of the CD Fairfield group) have helped property owners sell and write off over £70 million of problem property debt since 2013.

As the leading property debt company in the UK we are assisting clients who have negative equity properties throughout Europe and beyond.

You can view what Landlord Debt Advisory can do for landlords who own properties overseas in the video below:

How We Can Help:

You can view our independent reviews here and see why 99% of our clients would recommend us.  We have successfully negotiated with lenders all over the UK & Europe, negotiating debt write offs for clients whose properties in France, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Bulgaria have caused them problems.

If you have any negative equity properties in your portfolio speak to Bob Shanks on 0161 222 4311.  We assess each case individually and only take cases forward where we can genuinely offer a solution.